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Seedling and genetic technology is changing the way we start forests.
IFCO seedlings have a better survival rate and superior growth in the field. When extracted and shipped, IFCO container seedlings maintain 100% of their root systems. Root regeneration potential is 50% greater for IFCO seedlings as well.
Land ownership is about stewarding a long-term, reliable investment. IFCO’s genetically superior seedlings will help give you the best return on your investment.

The power of genetics.

Use the chart below to measure what sort of returns to expect using IFCO seedlings.

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I really appreciate that IFCO sits down with me, and we figure out the right genetics for my tracts.

Ralph Long

Holland M. Ware Charitable Foundation

More than seedlings.

The seedling is the end result of countless hours and dollars spent researching, improving and testing our product. See for yourself.


Genetic choices can make a 30-75% difference in value.

Proprietary Containers

IFCO’s proprietary container produces seedlings that have the highest root weight and total number of roots after outplanting of any commercial container.

Nutrient Loaded Fertilizers

IFCO has developed uniquely timed fertilizers that enhance first year growth, which provides financial certainty.

Seedling Protection

IFCO’s insect protected seedlings are available to reduce financial risk.

Customer Service

IFCO customers know what they are getting and get immediate customer response from our Genetic Investment Advisors.

I chose IFCO seedlings, and I don't know a stand of timber anywhere that's doing better than those. There are lots of foresters that drive by and say that it's a real head-turner if you know what you're looking for.

Adam Mizell

Mizell Development Inc

Giving landowners and managers a place to learn about the the most cutting edge research and genetics in the forest industry.

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It's really like they are part of our team. They have been nothing short of outstanding. We almost exclusively work with IFCO. We've got it down pretty good. They are easy to work with, transparent, easy to do business with, and provide wonderful service.

Wade McDonald

F&W Forestry