Our Process

Great seedlings don’t just happen overnight but are designed with our customers in mind.

Research & Development

IFCO participates in seven research and genetic cooperatives and is committed to bringing what was once only available to the elite to every landowner.

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IFCO operates the most modern, state-of-the-art nurseries to ensure that the highest quality seedlings are delivered to our landowners.

Packaging & Delivery

IFCO custom packages each seedling and ships directly from our nurseries to the landowner.


A collaborative group created exclusively for seedling research & development.

Strategic Partnership

The main focus of our R&D group is:

  • Selecting & developing of new genotypes
  • Improving seedling field performance
  • Developing marketing tools and product performance data to support sales & marketing of IFCO/IFG&S seeds and seedlings.
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Forest Insight Conference

The Forest inSight conference was created to give landowners and forestry consultants a place to learn about the the most cutting edge research and genetics in the forest industry. If there are new discoveries in the science of forest management, you’re sure to find them here.

Forest Insight Conference West

The Forest inSight WEST

Forest Insight Conference East

The Forest inSight EAST