Using Imazapyr for Pine Seedling Chemical Site Prep

Working closely with the University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation and The University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources IFCO has been able to provide you with information concerning the use of Imazapyr for chemical site preparation in the southern pine establishments.

Effects of Soil Problems

The two larger plots (background pines) were planted on P (phosphorous) deficient soils and P applied. The two smaller trees in the foreground were planted at the same time on P deficient soils and no P applied.

Cost Share & Incentive Programs

Listed below are just some of the cost share and incentive programs offered by various agencies. Contact your local FSA (Farm Service Agency), NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service), Forestry Commissions and other organizations for more information:

The Benefits of Genetic Diversity for IFCO

By Jim Tule┬╣ International Forest Company grows some of the most Genetically Diverse Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) containerized seedlings in the Southwestern United States. It is through their membership and association with the Western Gulf Forest Tree Improvement Program (WGFTIP) that this Genetic Diversity is expressed. Genetic Diversity is important to all forest users … Continued