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Article by Jane Gerster-August 27, 2015/Canada Real Time

Canadian companies’ share of lumber production in 8 southeastern states has grown to 25%  from just 3% a decade ago according to Forest Economic Advisors LLC.

Canadian firms’ options for growth at home are more limited.  British Columbia was hard hit by a mountain pine beetle infestation that began in the late 1990’s and whose devastating impact lingers.  A 2013 report from the British Columbia government estimates that about half of the province’s pine volume would be dead by 2017, at which point the infestation was expected to taper off.

Georgia alone boasts around 22 million acres of privately owned timberland that can be exploited commercially.  A few years of unimpeded growth due to housing crisis can make a big difference in the area, where trees mature at a pace of about 25 to 30 years, compared with 80 to 100 years for trees in British Columbia.

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