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Phosphorous-soil-deficiency (1)

The two larger plots (background pines) were planted on P (phosphorous) deficient soils and P applied.

The two smaller trees in the foreground were planted at the same time on P deficient soils and no P applied.

The following information is provided by University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources:  David Dickens, David Moorhead

The success of a pine plantation depends on many factors; the soil test phosphorus (P) level is one of those factors.  Phosphorus fertilization is likely to be beneficial on some Coastal Plain soil such as:

  1. Somewhat poorly to very poorly drained, wet savannah soils
  2. Somewhat poorly to very poorly drained Flatwoods spodosols
  3. Citronelle and associated terraces well drained heavy soils


Visit  http://www.forestproductivity.net/fertilization  for more information.

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