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What an exciting time in forestry!  by Wayne Bell, COO, International Forest Co.

There is more wood being harvested currently than I have observed in years.  That is good news for our industry, profession, and landowners.

This means there are more opportunities to look at in the next round of investment as foresters and landowners look at reforesting their lands.  I was part of a tour in the last month that looked at some of our clients lands and saw the old silviculture and genetics that was worth $1,800 per acre of revenue in a rotation and stands on similar properties that is expected to be worth over $4,000 per acre in a rotation by the use of great silviculture and new genetics.  That is what I call an opportunity for investment!

If you have not looked at your forest management program lately, it may be time to seriously see what is possible on your property.

A great opportunity will be this fall at the Forest inSight Conference at the Rainwater Conference Center  in Valdosta, GA on Oct. 27-29, 2015.  The speakers will talk about the new opportunities and we will see it in action on the field tour.

Planning ahead is key to making this conference and for making your forest more productive.

Wayne Bell

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